Video Game Review: Just try to survive in

Video Game Review is a new free 2D battle royale game that is free to play online. It is perfectly fitting for this society’s new battle royale craze, since it is taking after very popular games like Fortnite (Read our Fortnite review here) and Pub-G. 

The point of the game is to be the last one alive against other players in a large map. You come into the game with nothing, and you must break open crates, find loot in buildings, or eliminate other players to get weapons, health items, clothing, or armor. 

Your goal is to eliminate other players, to get better possessions, and eventually be the last player. This game is 2D, making it unique from other battle royale games. 

It is a great for when you have a spare moment or two to kick back and relax. It can be fairly easy to win, unlike other battle royale games.

It has quick, fast paced game style that makes the games go more quickly and gives you more chances to win. It is an extremely good game considering how simple it is. It is very well thought out. 

There is a good amount of both strategy and luck combined, making it an all-around worthwhile game. You can try the game out here.

--By Kyle Turner, LS News reporter

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