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Mr. Krothe: A Teacher Beyond the Classroom

In the academic landscape of Lampeter-Strasburg High School, Mr. Krothe stands out as a dedicated Technology Education Teacher, leaving an indelible mark on both the classroom and the extracurricular domain. Portrait of Mr. Krothe 2023 Teaching a diverse array of subjects across all grades, Mr. Krothe's classes include Photography, Intro. to Info Technology, and Woodworking. Notably, his enthusiasm for interactive projects is evident in assignments such as the 3D Phone Stand Keychain in Info Technology and the crafting of the Colonial Desk in Woodworking. While he refrains from picking a favorite project in Photography, he takes pleasure in witnessing his students grasp the intricacies of using a camera. Beyond the confines of the classroom, Mr. Krothe extends his support to various sports at Lampeter-Strasburg High School throughout the seasons. From assisting with Cross Country timing in the fall to managing games for Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball and Wrestling in the winter, and c