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Editorial: Look to victims' families, not politicians for how to respond to Charleston tragedy

On June 17, 2015, a Bible study metamorphosed into a racially-motivated execution chamber at a church in Charleston, South Carolina. Nine people -- including pastor Clementa Pinckney, also a state senator in South Carolina -- were killed, allegedly by 21-year old Dylann Roof. Evidence suggests that the shooting was racially motivated, and authorities are investigating it as a hate crime. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has already made a public statement urging the death penalty, and political commentators across the country are rushing to frame the tragedy to support their ideological agendas. Emanuel AME Church in Charleston In the midst of the media circus, families of the victims -- the people who truly have a right to be angry -- are having a markedly different reaction. Felicia Sanders, whose son was killed by this unwarranted, unprovoked, and cold-blooded act of violence, said to Roof during an arraignment hearing: “May God have mercy on you.” Nadine Collier, a sho

From the editor; to our readers: Thanks for a great first month!

To our readers: A month ago, Mr. Zurn called me into his room during the end of my fourth period class for reasons unbeknownst to me. When I arrived, he essentially said, “Hey guess what. I am the new advisor for the newspaper, and you are going to be the editor-in-chief.” Immediately, the ideas started spinning in my head for where we could take the newspaper, and the first priority was getting it online. If by the end of the year, we had a website, I would be happy. Little did I know that in under a month, a half-dozen students would have already contributed to articles, events would be covered in great detail, and feature stories would be up and running too. It has happened very quickly, and that is thanks to you, our reader – we are already averaging more than 100 views per article, which is certainly great incentive to churn out high-quality, informative content. As we head into the summer, I want to thank you for reading what we have put out thus far, and ask you to

High School Teacher Presents at TEDx Lancaster

Special education teacher, Mr. Jeff Swarr, was one of 15 presenters at this year's TEDx Lancaster on May 16 at the Ware Center in downtown Lancaster. Mr. Swarr talked about  lengthening  "The Gap" and how to be present in the moment. He feels that we have become like Pavlov’s dogs by immediately responding to our cell phone notifications. He calls it #TheGap and says that by lengthening it, we can be more in the moment and get more enjoyment .

Scholars Bid Fond Farewell to Lampeter-Strasburg

From left: Third in Class Kelsey McNaul, Valedictorian Ethan Emmert, Salutatorian Marah Brubaker Photo courtesy of Anne Harnish Ethan Emmert, Marah Brubaker, and Kelsey McNaul finished first, second, and third respectively in the Class of 2015. Although all acknowledge the gravity of their achievement, all appreciate that other accomplishments transcend the impact of what Brubaker summarizes as “all that I have worked for (academically) during high school ... trimmed down into a single number,” a concept she called “quite strange”. “While it is certainly a pleasure and an honor to be recognized as number two, it has never been about a ranking for me,” she says. “I have definitely seen students pursue only recognition and prestige, but that was never my motivation. To me, salutatorian is merely a side effect of the long hours and hard work. I loved learning and challenging myself during high school, and getting recognition is just a fortunate consequence.”

Friendship’s Bonds Shall Ne’er Be Broken

The Class of 2015 emerges from behind Martin Meylin About 10 minutes before graduation was set to commence, the Class of 2015 emerged from the crest of the hill beyond Martin Meylin, processing one final time as a class before lives of independence took root. An audience much larger than some expected thanks to weather’s cooperation observed as the class filed into its seats, ushered in by the L-S String Ensemble’s rendition of the venerable Pomp and Circumstance . Student speaker Julia Weigel opened the ceremony by humorously recounting the seniors’ 311,320 minutes of high school … in about four minutes and 54 seconds. She commended the students’ ambitions, and urged them to live lives with perseverance – or as her family calls it, stick-to-it-ive-ness – embodying the true spirit of a Pioneer. The L-S orchestra plays "Pomp and Circumstance" as graduates process Assistant Principal Mr. Benjamin Feeney was next to take the microphone. Feeney officiated at gr

Have you claimed your free #BearStrong Lancaster Barnstormers ticket?

On Friday, June 5, all students received a voucher for a free ticket the the Saturday, June 13 Lancaster Barnstormers game. That evening for every adult Field Box Ticket purchased, $4 will be donated to #BearStrong. What is #BearStrong? This spring, Lampeter-Strasburg quarterback began experiencing severe headaches and nausea. This led to the discovery of a tumor in Collin's brain. On May 12, surgeons at the Children's Hospital of Philadephia removed the tumor. Now on the road to recovery, the Shank family faces medical bills and the desire to help other facing similar situations. For more information about Colin "Bear" Shank visit his Caring Bridge page . Download the letter that went home with students on Friday, June 5. Follow  LS Pioneer News  on  Facebook ,  Twitter , and  Instagram .

2015 Senior Superlatives

Class Couple Ross Souders Madison Cunningham Most likely to be interviewed on ESPN Cameron Enck Krista Mellinger Most likely to win the Nobel Peace Prize Ethan Emmert Julia Weigel Most likely to live in Connecticut with two kids and a white picket fence Kyle Banner Lily Myers Best Dressed   Max Warmingham Mickayla Wawrousek Most School Spirit Anthony Hazboun Lauren Petrecca Most likely to write the next Great American Novel Ethan Emmert Carolyn Baker Most contagious laugh Logan Frey Selah Phillips Most likely to play in Carnegie Hall Nowa Bronner Carolyn Baker Most likely to have their artwork hanging in a museum Keeton Yost Emily Hansson

Watch the 2015 L-S Commencement Live on YouTube

Can't make it to the 2015 Lampeter-Strasburg Commencement in person? You can watch it live on YouTube . Graduation begins at 7 pm. Follow  LS Pioneer News  on  Facebook ,  Twitter , and  Instagram .

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From Promposal to Post-Prom: Putting Prom in Perspective

Kindergarten classmates reunite at Prom Photo courtesy of Jessie Reynolds This past weekend was a busy time for juniors and seniors at Lampeter-Strasburg High School. On May 30, the Eden Resort hosted the 2015 L-S Junior Senior Prom. The event started at 5:00 pm when students arrived to LancasterOnline snapping pictures for their prom webpage. However, planning for the Prom had begun long before Saturday for some students. What many students call ‘Promposals’ started as far back as March. For the next three months, social media would feature special flowers, notes, letters, and posters as couples unite. Students enjoyed coming up with creative ways to ask their dates to the dance. For example, senior Seth Bare created a scavenger hunt for his girlfriend, Megan Doolittle, a junior. Other students prefer a more classic approach involving flowers. However, food is a popular concept. Some students ‘promposed’ with donuts or some form of cake. Some couples took a less traditional

$1100 raised for Four Diamonds Fund

Image  faculty advisor/L-S teacher  Mr. Adam Zurn kisses a pig as a  "dare" to support Mini-Thon. On Monday, June 1, 2015, during RTII, students in the freshman, sophomore, and junior classes attended an assembly in the Performing Arts Center intended to apprise them of the Mini-Thon, which is planned for next year on December 4. Matt Paich and Lillian Murr, members of the planning committee, offered brief introductory remarks before Mrs. Shehan, a social studies teacher at L-S and the event’s faculty coordinator, took the podium and explained her involvement with Mini-Thon in her last teaching job at Cedar Crest. “I’m pretty socially awkward,” she confessed.

Senior Class Officers Elected

The Class of 2016 elected Chelsea Hancock for senior class president and Taylor Skrodinsky as vice president on Monday, May 11 and Tuesday, May 12. The newly elected president and vice president with help from senior class advisors Mrs. Clark and Mr. Houck selected Chaz Wolf  as treasurer and Erin Murphy as secretary. Class of 2016: Senior Officers  Follow  LS Pioneer News  on  Facebook ,  Twitter , and  Instagram .   

Class of 2015 Graduation Program Announced

Lampeter-Strasburg graduation ceremony for the Class of 2015 will be held on Friday, June 5 at 7 pm on Pioneer Field at J.K. Mechanical Stadium . In the event of inclement weather, graduation will be held in the LSHS Performing Arts Center. 2015 Senior Class Officers - left to right: Sofia Adbo, vice president; Olivia Gleason, secretary; Danielle Franklin, treasurer; and Brian Barnhart, president.

Sophomore Class Officers Selected

Last month, the Class of 2018 selected their sophomore class officers. Congratulations to President Emily Bishop, Vice President Nick Blair, Secretary Kenzie Krebs, and Treasurer LeAnn Dienner. The sophomore class is advised by Mrs. Allen-Gordon. Class of 2018: Sophomore Officers  Follow  LS Pioneer News  on  Facebook ,  Twitter , and  Instagram .