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Pioneer Sports This Week: A Roundup (January 25-29)

With the Blizzard of 2016 dropping more than two feet of snow on Lancaster County, and schools closing in the early part of the week, several athletic events were rescheduled. Due to the closure of school on Monday, all scheduled games were moved to Wednesday, and the Wrestling and Bowling matches scheduled for Tuesday were moved as well. Still having an eventful week in Pioneer sports, LSNews has your weekly roundup of scores and more sports coverage. The bowling team notched an upset over Manheim Central this week Monday, January 25 Boys Basketball: vs. Northern Lebanon RESCHEDULED - See Wednesday, January 27 Girls Basketball: vs. Northern Lebanon RESCHEDULED - See Wednesday, January 27 Boys Swimming: at Ephrata RESCHEDULED - See Wednesday, January 27 Girls Swimming: at Ephrata RESCHEDULED - See Wednesday, January 27 Tuesday, January 26 Wrestling: vs. Cocalico RESCHEDULED - See Wednesday, January 27   Bowling: at Elizabethtown RESCHEDULED to Wednesday, February

Students attend Mormon seminary

Unknown to most, five Lampeter-Strasburg High School students attend an early morning seminary every  Monday  through  Friday  before school – an incredible feat, considering many of us have a hard time getting up at even a normal time. The seminary begins at  6 o’clock  in the morning at the teacher’s home. The youth are members of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. Lea Butcher, a junior at L-S, is one of the five students who attend. She comments that she “is guilty of not having a commitment as strong as the others who attend.” While she doesn’t always go to the seminary, she finds a sense of clarity and comfort when she does. Students are able to attend early morning seminary once they reach high school. Though her parents did not decide for her, Butcher chose to attend the seminary her freshman year, in order to strengthen her faith. Each day typically starts out with a prayer and a hymn. Then they study one of four books: the New Testament, the Old

Weekend Edition: Nathan Musser's The Lone Wolf, part 4

Fetterolf’s Fiction: Creative Writing Selections Part of an ongoing series of creative writing selections from Ms. Fetterolf's creative writing class. Check back next weekend for another installment. - THE LONE WOLF - by Nathan Musser Fenris, a child kidnapped and raised to be a hardened assassin, is now a man, free from his former master -- yet still an assassin. His next target jars him off his current course and onto a path filled with many dangers, but also, hopefully, redemption. Part 4 As Fenris jogged toward his getaway helicopter, he wondered. He wondered whether or not he should go back to the General. He wanted his pay, but he also knew the General didn’t want to hand the money over. The General wanted him dead, out of the way, but with Lauren Night assassinated. He wondered about the General’s new plan, to kidnap kids and train them from a young age to become deadly killers, just like him. Fenris didn’t want to wish that fate upon anyone. The guil

Weekend Edition: Pottery by Olivia Martin

Olivia Martin's ceramic vase made in Mrs. Lau's art class.   Related:   View other weekend edition content

Bowlers beat Barons 4-3

On a brisk Friday afternoon, soon after record-breaking snow, the L-S bowling team headed to Rocky Springs to take on Manheim Central.  Manheim Central came into the match with a 7-3 record, and an expected advantage. However, the Pioneers pulled out a remarkable, come-from-behind win. From L: Brittany Hatfield, Cassidy Hatfield, Eric Gross, and Adam Lee In the first game, the Barons started remarkably strong. Competitors Austin Bradley, Zach Kowalski, and Tanner Michael each broke 200 points in the first game, and totaled 701 of Central’s 1095 points. The Pioneers struggled as a team in the first game, scoring only 808 points total. In game one, seniors Adam Lee and Brittany Hatfield each scored 184, giving them a tie for the most points for L-S. Hatfield got her first of several turkeys late in the game. After a rough first game the score was 2-0 in favor of Manheim Central. In game two, the Pioneers met the challenge that the Barons brought. Led by Adam Lee, the team rall

A bittersweet evening for the Pioneer swimmers ends with a loss to Lancaster Catholic

Both the boys’ and girls’ teams were a bit solemn tonight in their battle against Lancaster Catholic since it was the last home meet for the seniors on the team. Tonight the teams celebrated the swimming careers of ten hardworking, dedicated swimmers: Kristin Allen, captain; Meghan Brubaker, captain; Allyson Dull; Ellie Kingsley; Jake Klecko, captain; Kaitlin Kreider; Hailey Miller; Dan Reidenbaugh, captain; Julia Smoker; and Vici Thomas. All have helped mold the Lampeter-Strasburg swimming program into what it is today, and each and everyone one of them will be missed dearly. From L: Meghan Brubaker, Julia Smoker, Alexis Sutton, Hailey Welchans Photo courtesy of Mrs. Beth Welchans As for the meet, the Pioneer girls fought hard against the Crusaders, but they ended up losing the battle 95-75. Hailey Welchans (200-yard freestyle) and Kristin Allen (100-yard butterfly and 100-yard backstroke) took first place for the Pioneer aquanauts. The 200-yard medley relay (Kristin Allen, Ell

Editorial: Seniors, register to vote ... now

With the Iowa Caucuses less than a week away, the presidential election is on the hearts and minds of millions. Lancaster voters will head to the polls on April 26 to cast their primary ballots for United States representative, United States Senator, State Senator, several local offices, and, perhaps most notably, President of the United States. Anyone who will be 18 by that date is eligible to -- and quite honestly, has little excuse not to -- vote. To do so, one must register by March 28. Registering could not be easier. Thanks to a new system in Pennsylvania, one can register to vote entirely online. When our editor, Ben Pontz, registered to vote last week, he reports that it took him about five minutes, and that was while he was partially distracted by watching television. Follow this link in order to register; you do not have to be 18 yet, as long as you will be by the election. If you are a licensed driver, you will need your driver's license number in order to re

Eight L-S students win Scholastic Art Awards

Congratulations to the winning works by Lampeter-Strasburg high school art students in the 2015-16 Scholastic Art Awards. Metals Work   Faith Osborne  Fine silver chain with malachite/sterling silver pendant –Gold Key David Johnson  The Carnelian Knight –Silver Key

#Blizzard2016: L-S digs out, has fun along the way

Snow struck the Susquehanna Valley, the I-95 corridor, and yes, the illustrious Lampeter-Strasburg School District over the weekend, to the tune of up to two feet. Readers reported various amounts, and the official measurement at Millersville University was 26.7 inches. L-S closed on Monday, and had two hour delays on Tuesday and Wednesday before returning in earnest Thursday. Tuesday, it was one of only three districts in the county to open at all. Athletic events scheduled for early in the week have been postponed, and the maintenance staff has been hard at work to get the campus back into working order. We checked in with many students on how they spent their snowy weekend, and received these photos. Check out more photos and submit your own in the Google Photos gallery below. Christian Nitchie alleges the snow plow didn't see him Sophia Buscay enjoys the solitude of a tree Caked in snow, Brendan Massar has discovered a massive icicle Some athletes don't

Knowles and Griffin to attend journalism conference in Washington D.C.

Two Lampeter-Strasburg juniors have received nominations to attend the Washington Journalism and Media Conference. Catherine Knwles and Taylor Griffin All participants have to be either nominated for a position or apply themselves; the L-S attendees received invitations. Taylor Griffin and Cat Knowles, juniors, have decided to accept their call to this meeting sponsored by George Mason University in Washington D.C. This distinguished conference brings excellent students from all over the country together for one week to discuss and pursue their interests in journalism. They will stay in dorms on campus.  Over the course of this week, participants get to attend assemblies hosted by guest speakers, such as New York Times staff and Susan Goldberg, the editor-in-chief of National Geographic magazine. They also will meet in small groups to work on networking and speaking skills, as well as participate in journalism simulations. It also prepares these ninth, tenth, and elevent

Section champion L-S Pioneers win big on senior night

At the outset of the 2015-16 Lancaster-Lebanon League boys basketball season, few analysts had the L-S Pioneers as the favorites to win section three. They did not mind. And 18 wins with just one loss later, they have the final word. The Pioneers defeated Donegal tonight 66-49 to clinch the section three championship, and did so in an emphatic fashion, with all eight seniors playing a significant role in the victory. George Grau and Logan Miller were two of the seniors to enjoy some nice playing time on senior night;  they took advantage As he has all season, Matt Achille led the way for the Pioneers, posting 15 points, while fellow senior Luke Beers tallied 10. Darren Metz and Connor Brown added six, while George Grau scored four, Jordan Boynton scored three, and Jake Groff scored two. Logan Miller also lodged a strong effort for the Pioneers. Underclassmen Ben Sandberg and Isaac Beers also contributed, scoring 11 and 9 respectively. The first quarter went back and forth, wi

Final home wrestling match ends with a loss to Cocalico

On Wednesday, the L-S wrestling team had their final home match against Cocalico, beginning with the 170 pound weight class. Johnny Franklin was matched up against Trevor Seiders. Trevor quickly tackled Johnny, entangling him like a pretzel. As Trevor tried to use his hip to get the point, Johnny struggled to defend. In the second round, Johnny began on the mat. He continued to remain defenseless as Trevor powered over him. In the third set, Johnny had the advantage of Trevor being on the mat, but Johnny, tired from the first and second sets, struggled as Trevor again tackled him. A timeout was called as there was a blood sighting on the mat; Johnny went to check in with the trainer as the blood is cleaned up. When the blood splatter is cleared, the match continues with Johnny in a tackle. Trevor held up Johnny by his arms until Johnny flipped over him, allowing Trevor to win the match. The score was now 0-4, Cocalico.             The second match was between Jake Kelly and

Girls basketball falls to Northern Lebanon

Nevin Hoenninger scored 11 points for L-S This evening, the Lady Pioneers faced the Northern Lebanon Vikings in what was predicted to be a contested league matchup. L-S entered the game with a league record of 8-5, compared to Northern Lebanon traveling to Lampeter with a league record of 12-1. The team members were unsure how the game would unfold, given that Northern Lebanon had been defeated by Lancaster Catholic by a mere four points, while L-S had fallen to the same opponent by forty earlier in the season (albeit without leading scorer Nevin Hoenninger). Northern Lebanon showed strength in the beginning of the game, scoring 16 points in the first quarter, compared to L-S's 3. The second quarter proved to be similar, with the Vikings putting up 17 points, and L-S scoring 8. Sophomore Laura Horner led the Lady Pioneers in total points for the game at 15, with junior Hoenninger scoring the second-most at 11. With the efforts of Horner and Hoenninger, the Lady Pioneers ralli

Inside L-S: A district in transition

It's no secret that the landscape of the Lampeter-Strasburg School District is changing, but what effect does that have on the educational program at L-S? We spoke with Mr. Edward Krasnai, leader of the guidance department at L-S High School, about the changes he has seen over his 11-year tenure with the District. Mr. Edward Krasnai is a guidance counselor at L-S Krasnai stressed that one "has to look deeper at the numbers, at what's really happening" in order to understand what they mean, before conceding "that's not what we're geared to do." One of the factors in the Pennsylvania Department of Education's school performance profiles is growth among historically underperforming students, which includes students with disabilities, English language learners, and economically disadvantaged students, the latter two of which have grown at L-S in recent years. As we have documented, the percentage of students on free and reduced l

Our Hot Mess: It's a landfill out there

Have you ever received that one package in the mail that packages something the size of a golf ball in a refrigerator-worthy box? Or maybe you were given five napkins from the waiter when you asked for one. Regardless, it was too much. Too much packaging. Too much waste. Too much. Our human footprint doesn’t stop at how much consume; the final impact we have lies in what discard. And brace yourself. I have a few shocking numbers. Americans generate an average of 1600 pounds of trash per person, per year. In 2006 , our per capita trash disposal rate was 4.6 pounds per person per day , 65% residential and 35% commercial. And these numbers mean nothing tangible to you. I get it. I’m sure very few of us actually think about where our waste will end up after we put it on the curb to be dealt with by large, noisy trucks on a Tuesday morning. So where does it go? 12.5 percent of the trash goes to be incinerated, 33 percent gets recycled, and a whopping 55 percent gets buried in landfil