Eight L-S students win Scholastic Art Awards

Congratulations to the winning works by Lampeter-Strasburg high school art students in the 2015-16 Scholastic Art Awards.

Metals Work 

Faith Osborne 
Fine silver chain with malachite/sterling silver pendant –Gold Key

David Johnson 
The Carnelian Knight –Silver Key

Matthew Cox 
Fine silver chain with pendant -Honorable mention

David Johnson 
Morning Glow - Honorable mention


Makenna Glessner 
Coil Pot Gold Key, American Visions Nominee

Olivia Martin 
Worldwind Silver Key

Makenna Glessner 
Canopic Jar Honorable Mention

Hannah Hess 
Acorns Honorable Mention

2/D Work 

Madison Grebinger 
Pairs -Honorable Mention

Madison Grebinger 
Skeletal -Silver Key

Sara Hake 
Glow-Honorable Mention

On March 4 from 5-8 pm, students can pick-up their awards at the Demuth Museum. These winning pieces will remain on display from March 5 through April 10 at the Scholastics exhibition at the Demuth Museum.

Students who earned gold key awards on the local level will move on to judging on the national level in New York City.

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