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FFA Attends State Convention in Penn State

On June 11, 12 and 13th, members of the Garden Spot FFA Chapter at the Lampeter-Strasburg High School traveled to the Penn State University to attend the 90th State Convention, which featured competitions, sessions, awards and more. Students participated in Career Development Events (CDE) or Leadership Development Events (LDE). These competitions allowed members to gain knowledge about certain careers. Part of the process for CDEs and LDEs requires members to attend county or regional level competitions before attending states for those competitions. During the first two days of states, members competed for their chance of being able to represent the Pennsylvania FFA at National FFA Convention in October. Garden Spot FFA members competed in various events and received awards. The Agricultural Issues Forum team received First place at State and will be representing the Pennsylvania FFA at the National FFA Convention. The team consisted of Jess Herr, Jeslyn Krebs, Gracie Hess, Dana

Pioneers explode defeating Spring Grove 50-6

On Friday night, The Lampeter-Strasburg Pioneer Football team earned their first win over the Spring Grove in a 50-6 victory. The game started cautiously, but the Pioneers exploded during the final 15 minutes of the first half earning 36 points. Here's a fun fact: -1. That's how many yards the L-S defense gave up in the first 13 rushing attempts by Spring Grove. Boom! Come support the football team on Friday when they travel to Millersville to challenge the Penn Manor Comets who are also 1-0. Photos by Jonathan Klein, LS News Editor-in-Chief And Ethan Sauder, LS News Photographer.

Opinion: You MUST know these tips as a freshman

I am currently a freshman myself and wish that someone would've given me tips for this school year. So I hope this will help current and future freshman to get through their first high school year. 1. Prepare Yes, I know this isn't fun but you need to prepare for your classes and at least know some of the basics of the course. An easy way to do this is to ask someone who previously took the class and start learning some of the concepts. This will help you immensely when you're actually taking the course and give you a leg up. 2. Procrastination Don't procrastinate because it will make your life really miserable. If you try to take a break and wait until the last minute you will panic and become swamped by the continuously assigned homework. The teachers aren't going to stop assigning work if you need to finish something! (I did not follow this and am now panicking as completing this) 3. Google Apps If you haven't already download google docs, slid