A bittersweet evening for the Pioneer swimmers ends with a loss to Lancaster Catholic

Both the boys’ and girls’ teams were a bit solemn tonight in their battle against Lancaster Catholic since it was the last home meet for the seniors on the team. Tonight the teams celebrated the swimming careers of ten hardworking, dedicated swimmers: Kristin Allen, captain; Meghan Brubaker, captain; Allyson Dull; Ellie Kingsley; Jake Klecko, captain; Kaitlin Kreider; Hailey Miller; Dan Reidenbaugh, captain; Julia Smoker; and Vici Thomas. All have helped mold the Lampeter-Strasburg swimming program into what it is today, and each and everyone one of them will be missed dearly.
From L: Meghan Brubaker, Julia Smoker, Alexis Sutton, Hailey Welchans
Photo courtesy of Mrs. Beth Welchans
As for the meet, the Pioneer girls fought hard against the Crusaders, but they ended up losing the battle 95-75. Hailey Welchans (200-yard freestyle) and Kristin Allen (100-yard butterfly and 100-yard backstroke) took first place for the Pioneer aquanauts. The 200-yard medley relay (Kristin Allen, Ellie Kingsley, Hailey Welchans, Meghan Brubaker) also took first with the time of 2:05.84. The 400-yard freestyle relay (Kaitlin Kreider, Kristin Allen, Allyson Dull, Hailey Welchans) also won with the time of 4:09.25.
On the boys' side, the Pioneers also battled hard, but ended up losing to Lancaster Catholic 104-64. Firsts were taken by Colin Anderson (200-yard freestyle and boys 100-yard butterfly) and Dan Reidenbaugh (50-yard freestyle). The 200-yard freestyle relay team (Colin Anderson, Jake Klecko, Dalton Kreider, Dan Reidenbaugh) received first place with the time of 1:38.97.

With the regular season in the books, attention now turns to leagues and districts, which will occur over the coming month. Congratulations to both teams, especially the seniors, on a great season.
--Megan Doolittle, LSNews.org Swimming Reporter
Edited: BP

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