High School Teacher Presents at TEDx Lancaster

Special education teacher, Mr. Jeff Swarr, was one of 15 presenters at this year's TEDx Lancaster on May 16 at the Ware Center in downtown Lancaster.

Mr. Swarr talked about lengthening "The Gap" and how to be present in the moment. He feels that we have become like Pavlov’s dogs by immediately responding to our cell phone notifications. He calls it #TheGap and says that by lengthening it, we can be more in the moment and get more enjoyment.

This year's TEDx Lancaster theme was "without boundaries." The TEDx Lancaster website defined it this way:
Innovation, invention, and growth are all borne by those that go beyond the ordinary and pioneer a new approach. They ignore the naysayers, unlock the shackles of conventional wisdom, and blaze a new trail. Their vision transcends perceived borders and creates a new status quo. Without their passion and courage we would never know what lies beyond the edge. We honor those that pursue a new path and encourage us to dream, to dare, and to think without boundaries.
Mr. Swarr's TEDx Lancaster Biography says:
Jeff Swarr is the Chief Competition Officer of the Heart of a Competitor, motivating and encouraging competitors of all ages to perform at their best. He has coached at all levels of sport including youth football and basketball, Junior High basketball, High School Baseball, and NCAA Division II and Division III Baseball. 
Jeff is a veteran Special Education Teacher, impacting countless students to overcome adversity and achieve their dreams. Jeff has presented and spoken at numerous high schools and colleges including Muhlenberg College, York College, Millersville University, and Columbia University. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Millersville University. 
Jeff’s mission is as follows: I strive to DOMINATE each day with endless ENTHUSIASM. In doing so, I will prioritize my TIME and ENERGY on the priorities in my life. Through this prioritization I will impact the lives of those around me to achieve their goals and dreams, helping them create their Heart of a Competitor.
Without Boudaries. The theme for 2015 TEDx Lancaster 2015.

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