Delaney Baker to represent Asian Culture Club in Fair Queen competition

Fair Queen Fast Facts

Name: Delaney Baker
Grade: 11th
Club: Asian Culture Club
Escort: Matthew Paich
Favorite Fair Food: French Fries
Favorite Fair Thing: Photo and artwork display
Delaney Baker will represent the Asian Culture Club in the
Fair Queen contest

The name "Lancaster County" conjures some distinct images. For tourists, it manages only to bring to mind the ironic question “where are all the Amish?” For residents, it creates a picture of rolling hills and cornfields, the tight streets of Strasburg, and the little intersection the marks the village of Lampeter.

What it really does not bring to mind is anything to do with Asia or Asian culture. However, Delaney Baker, a member of L-S’s Asian Culture club since her freshman year, is one of many working to “spread diversity in Asian culture through the community,” and now she has a new stage to help her club: the Lampeter Fair. She has been chosen as the Asian Culture club’s Fair Queen candidate for 2015.

“I thought it was a really great opportunity,” Baker says, recounting her first thoughts when Mr. Fisher, her teacher and club advisor, asked her to be the club’s candidate and she accepted. 

Baker (second from left) is a member
of the Asian Culture Club
However, it was a decision Baker made with some reservations. She will compete against mainly Seniors, which she called "nerve wracking". Besides the tough competition, she also admitted that “the most nerve wracking part is going to be the interviews and public speaking.” 

However, with one interview down, and the happy knowledge that her friends and family are there to support her, Baker plans to “work with what I got,” and “be confident in myself.”

Baker is no stranger to the Fair. 
Baker is an active volunteer, including
with the school's Interact Club

“I’ve been going since I’ve been little,” she says.

Baker has always loved the sense of community the Fair brings. To her, the Fair really shows the real Lancaster County.

Aside from the Asian Culture Club, Baker is also a member of the Field Hockey team, plays softball in the spring, and is active in both Interact and Varsity Club. She regretfully said that she probably won’t be able to participate in student council this year due to her busy schedule, but with the determination to tackle the Fair and her other commitments, she’s sure to be a candidate to watch come the Fair.

Editor's Note: This is the sixth of eleven feature articles will be publishing previewing the annual Fair Queen contest at the West Lampeter Fair, held from September 23-25 at the Fair Grounds. Stay tuned over the next several weeks; each Friday will be "Fair Queen Friday" (and we'll also publish articles on Tuesdays). Here is our Fair Queen page, with all the information.

--Justin Burkett, Managing Editor

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