Jaclyn Kuro seeks to "display splendor of God" in Fair Queen contest

Fair Queen Fast Facts

Name: Jaclyn Kuro
Grade: 11th
Club: Fellowship of Christian Students
Escort: Josh Beiler
Favorite Fair Food: Fried Oreos
Favorite Fair Place: Pig Chase

“My favorite animal is a cow.”
Jaclyn Kuro is the Fellowship of Christian
Students' nominee in the Fair Queen contest
Such a declaration would seldom be uttered anywhere other than Lancaster County; in this case, it came from Jaclyn Kuro, the Fair Queen candidate from the Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS).
Following in the footsteps of her oldest sister – who was FCS’s Fair Queen candidate several years ago – Kuro accepted the nomination after Mrs. Garrett, the faculty advisor, asked her if she would be interested.
“If my oldest sister can do it, I’m going to try to do it,” she thought.
For Kuro, the Fair Queen contest means an opportunity to “lead people into better ways of communication and that I can build relationships with people and start new friendships.”
“The fair means that I can promote good communication with people in Lancaster County,” she says. “If I were to become Fair Queen I would accept it as a challenge to inspire people to be intentional about communication. It’s another opportunity to connect with people.”
Kuro sings in the L-S concert choir
Kuro connects with people regularly through her musical endeavors; she is a member of the concert choir as well as her church’s worship team, and also has participated in spring musicals at L-S. Despite her passion for singing, she remains anxious about the public speaking aspect of the contest.
“I can sing in front of people fine, but the speech part is just hard,” she says.
Nevertheless, she plans to subjugate those apprehensions in order to – in her words – “make a difference.”
“I just really want to display the splendor of God through this. I really want to make a difference in the community,” she says. “I feel like this is a step to make a difference by expressing my faith in God and just leading people to Him.”
Kuro performs in "Seussical the Musical"
Kuro has observed the contest in the past, and admits that she had trouble sitting through “the long speeches” when she was younger. However recently, she says that has enjoyed watching it more. She also generally enjoys the fair more.
“I guess now as I get older it’s not like me following my parents around, I kind of hang out there either volunteering with Interact or just exploring around with my friends. I am into more things now that I’m getting older. I really enjoy the agriculture, I really like seeing the animals,” she says. “I guess as you get older you learn new things and you become … [able to] grow through … experiences.”
Kuro is active in her church;
here she is in Guatemala on a mission trip
Kuro has no specific future plans, instead acknowledging that “God has more of a say with what I should do with my life” than she does.
“Whatever I do, I want to express my passion for caring for people in my job. I want to be an encouragement to people,” she says. “I love to travel. Maybe I’m called to stay here. If it involves people and talking with them, I’m pretty sure I would like that job.”
For now, Kuro looks forward to the contest, and mentions making sure she avoids tripping as a priority.
“I am extremely nervous, but I’m not going to let that get in the way of my excitement,” she says. “I just feel I’ll be more involved in the fair because I will be in the fair.”

Editor's Note: This is the third of eleven feature articles LSNews.org will be publishing previewing the annual Fair Queen contest at the West Lampeter Fair, held from September 23-25 at the Fair Grounds. Stay tuned over the next several weeks; each Friday will be "Fair Queen Friday" -- we will publish the next feature. Here is our Fair Queen page, with all the information.

--Benjamin Pontz, LSNews.org Editor-In-Chief

Addendum: The title of this article and subsequent quote was changed to reflect that Kuro intended to say "splendor of God", not "thunder of God". The interview was conducted over the phone, which likely facilitated the miscommunication. BP

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