Chelsea Hancock a "Pioneer" for the Ski & Snowboard Club in Fair Queen contest

Fair Queen Fast Facts

Name: Chelsea Hancock
Grade: 12th
Club: Ski & Snowboard Club
Escort: Garrett Groshong
Favorite Fair Food: Fried Oreos
Favorite Fair Place: Cows
Chelsea Hancock will represent
the Ski & Snowboard Club
in the Fair Queen contest

Chelsea Hancock’s involvement with the Ski and Snowboard Club has been characterized by firsts: she is the club’s first female officer and now its first Fair Queen candidate. “Absolutely elated to be able to represent [the] club”, Hancock accepted the nomination when she learned that club advisor Mr. Jeff Landis longed to have a representative from the club.

“I really hope that I’m a good first ski and snowboard representative -- a good Pioneer for the … club,” she says. “I have deep respect for our community, and to be chosen as the representative of our community would be an enormous honor.”

In stark juxtaposition to several other candidates, the prospect of giving a speech excites Hancock, who says she enjoys public speaking.

“I get a kick out of talking in front of people,” she says.

Hancock says that the interview is a bit nerve-wracking, insofar as it is the judging criterion that allows for the least preparation.
Hancock is an employee at
Village Greens

Hancock recalls watching the Fair Queen contest in the past, and remembers thinking that the candidates looked “so much older, more professional, and more sophisticated”; she hopes she can have a similar inspiring effect for any “little girls” who may be in the audience.

That memory is not the only anecdote Hancock remembers from her early years of the Fair, which she says she has “always loved”.

Several years ago, on a day when, for some reason, she felt emotional, Hancock walked over to the cow pens.

“I was petting one of the cows, and it licked me, and it was such a gentle and sweet moment that’s always made an impact on me,” she reminisces. “It was a bond with an animal that I’ve never really had before. Ever since then, I’ve never eaten beef.”

Outside of Ski and Snowboard Club, Hancock is the senior student representative to the L-S school board, senior class president, president of student council, a manager for the football team, and an employee at Village Greens.

Hancock on the slopes with the Ski and Snowboard Club
She hopes to attend the University of Richmond, and says she definitely plans to pursue a career in the medical field.
Hancock recently visited Spain

“My plan is to hopefully go to Richmond, and study pre-medicine and Spanish. I would love to study abroad in Argentina because I love the way Argentinian Spanish sounds, ” she says.

Presently, she thinks she wants to be an obstetrician and gynecologist (OB-GYN), a plan ostensibly influenced by an internship she held over the winter at Women’s & Babies hospital, during which she assisted in the delivery process of babies.

While it remains to be seen whether Hancock can deliver the Fair Queen crown to the Ski and Snowboard Club as its first participant, one thing's for sure: it could not have a more eager candidate.

Editor's Note: This is the fourth of eleven feature articles will be publishing previewing the annual Fair Queen contest at the West Lampeter Fair, held from September 23-25 at the Fair Grounds. Stay tuned over the next several weeks; each Friday will be "Fair Queen Friday" -- we will publish the next feature. Here is our Fair Queen page, with all the information.

--Benjamin Pontz, Editor-In-Chief

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