2022 Lampeter Strasburg Fair recap

The nearly century-long tradition continues with the 98th annual West Lampeter Fair.

The fair had a wide range of animal guests, including the big friendly camels, adorable pigs, the jumpy kangaroo, and the gussied-up sheep. 

Now, of course, it’s not the Lampeter Fair without delicious fair food and the good old tractor show. The fair also had some beautiful views come along with it, and why not share those with everyone?

As the fair swept into the evening hours along with it came a beautiful and glorious sunset.

The FFA had their world-famous sausage sandwiches that proved to be irresistible.

It’s obviously not the Lampeter fair without the traditional annual pig-catching event. The pigs graciously stride among the field while being pursued by little ones with the intent to catch the pigs.

You can’t forget the tractor show. Many vehicles were entered, and all became centers of attention for many intrigued visitors.

The Lampeter Fair was again a great success, and we are all looking forward to preserving the tradition for next year.

By Anthony Miller-Baum, LS News reporter
Instagram: @tonyb_thecameraguy

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