Volleyball: Pioneers Storm Back to Defeat Spartans

The volleyball team faced Garden Spot at home on Tuesday night.

The first set began with Hannah Williams serving. The score bounced back and forth, but Emily Mullin kept us in the lead with her dominant spike, making the score 7-6. The score was neck and neck being 17-16, but Sachi Singh was not about to let the Pioneers stay behind. With her serves, she racked up four more points.

As the first set began to come to a close, Mullin tied the score to 24-24. Both teams were striving for the winning point. Unfortunately for L-S, Garden spot ended up winning the first set with a score of 26-24. 

Emma Tribuzio in matchup at Solanco (Logan Thompson)

It was clear at the beginning of the second set that both teams were here to win. Through the partnership of Mullin and Williams, the Pioneers tied the setup to 7-7. These two also were on top of blocking the ball. The Pioneers were showing some great teamwork! Anya Myers helped the team out with her swings as well as Alexis Moran’s forceful spike. Moran kept us in the lead with the score now being 16-12. Just as in the first set, the game was close. The score was now 22-21 due to a combination of a set and a pass, L-S was close to being back in the lead. Mullins’s serve is what helped L-S tie the game up. It was a tough yet close set with L-S falling behind with the same final score of 26-24. 

This was the set where L-S would take back the win. Williams was the starting server for this set. Through the third set, the players were determined to continue to keep L-S in the lead. We see this through multiple players such as Denlinger and Hoover, who tied up the score to make it 11-11. As well as Singh’s serves who not only tied the match up but also increased L-S points to make it 19-17. Soon after, Mullins’s serves is what then got the score to 21-21. Mullin also then continued to push L-S in the lead. This was a successful win for L-S with the set concluding with a score of 25-21. 

It was all L-S in the last two sets, with Emily Mullin and Riley Stoltzfus leading the way for a crucial win. The Pioneers now sit 13th in the district power rankings (16 teams qualify for the playoffs). 

By Avery Schreck, LS News Reporter

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