Pioneer baseball prepares for season

The Lampeter-Strasburg baseball program is preparing for the upcoming baseball season by hosting open gyms. The open gyms help you get into the swing of things again making you become a better player each day you attend. 

Coach Swarr and the other coaches are preparing every player for the season ahead and making you the best player you can be. 

The open gyms are every Wednesday and Friday from 2:45-5:45. The open gyms take place in the Martin Mylin gyms and the lower turf field. The open gyms help players with batting, fielding, agility, and strength. This is a great way to interact with friends and the other players can help you with mistakes as well as the coaches. 

On the turf, we work on baserunning and we do our throwing program which consists of using the bands to stretch out your arm and do different arm movements. 

We then work on throwing fundamentals and work our way back to end up at long toss and work our way back in. We then work on our defensive fundamentals and breaking into groups positions then each position coach will tell you from there. 

We then go inside and work on batting and work on core and workout strength. That's it for open gyms. The words from Coach Swarr are "We try to make every kid better each day and make the hours go by fast."

By Logan Heiselman, LS News reporter

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