2020 drum majors compete in an extreme battle to see who it will be

On January 10, the Lampeter-Strasburg March Band held its annual drum major selecting.

This is where any student that wishes to become a drum major for next year will show off their skills. This year there were two juniors and six sophomores trying out for the position. In all, there will be three choices: one junior and two sophomores.

The band will play the show from this past season while the people trying out for the position will conduct the group. The drum majors will also present their salute. The drum major salute is shown off at the beginning of every show the marching band plays, so it is very important.

First up was Jake Reichert. He amazed everyone. Jake was so enthusiastic about conducting and kept time very well. Everyone knew he would be one of the drum majors.

Next was Ella Horst. She did very well, as well. She also kept the beat very well, and everyone played right in time. It was going to be a fierce battle between these kids to know who the drum majors will be.

Next was Liana Howe. She was amazing. Being a junior, she had a little more experience with what she was doing, and you could really tell.

Now that the event was over, everyone was talking about who they thought would be the next drum majors. I spoke to so many people, and everyone thought it would be the three students I talked about.

 Later that night, everyone got a text. "Congratulations to the 2020 season drum majors. Ella Horst, Jake Reichert, and Liana Howe."

At that point, everyone was texting each other, saying how excited they were for the next season, having these 3 as our drum majors.

--By Logan Coder, LS News reporter

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