Gut Wrenching Game: Girls Soccer loses to Hershey in double overtime

The overtime clock runs down...5,4,3,2, the last possible second the striker puts all her power into this kick. Past Lizzie. Past Tara. And then past the keeper.

The sidelines erupt into tumultuous cheers. Ranging from the enthused screams of the coach to the defeated whimpers of our bench. The game was over, we'd lost, Hershey 3, L-S 2. The field players come off in tears, sobbing and defeated they return to the bench. Everyone was upset. Despite playing a good game, we did in fact, lose.

The tensions are high as everyone thinks about how the game started. As Hershey kicks off our striker McKenna Conklin immediately takes it from them and goes to goal. She's the fastest girl I've ever seen. She's sprinting down the line, going, going, shot. SHE SCORED!!!!!!!!! in the first 15 seconds of the game!

As we go to restart, Hershey comes in hot. They brush right past our midfield, our defense, and then our goalie. They come right back at us with some fancy footwork and shots. As we come upon halftime the score is now 2-1. After halftime in the 32-minute mark we get a goal, its 2-2 now and we're all on the edge of our seats.

The buzzer sounds but the score remains tied. We're going into overtime. We play out the 10 minutes given and then we get a second OT.

As everyone zones back in, we do our team cheer, LSGSS ON THREE!!!! 1!, 2!, 3! LSGSS!!!!

As the clock is about to run out in second overtime, Hershey scored a really good shot in the top left corner of the goal. It was a long impressive fought battle.

--By Catherine Torres and Isabel Schwebel, LS News reports

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