Fair queens candidates compete for the crown at the West Lampeter Fair

On Wednesday, fourteen candidates competed to earn the title of West Lampeter Fair Queen. The day before, they had a personal interview with the judges where they asked them questions that required them to answer based on their values and beliefs.

The entire event started with an elaborate parade in which every candidate rode in her own convertible with a driver and an escort of her choice. The leader of the parade was Katrina Herrera, last year's fair queen. She rode in a horse-drawn carriage as her last hurrah as the 2018 fair queen.

When all of the candidates arrived, their escorts took them onto the stage, a trailer decorated with hay bales, flowers, and folding chairs for them to sit on. Mr. Raum, the announcer, asked each contestant a random question about the fair.

One question was, "If you were to take a picture of something at the fair and post it on the West Lampeter Fair's Instagram page, what would you take a picture of, what would you caption it, and why?" 

Another question was, "What is your favorite Lampeter Fair memory, and how has it had a lasting impact on you?"

After each candidate had answered a question, the judges narrowed it down to five final contestants. They were asked one last question. 

In the end, Jessica Heisey was the runner up and Jess Herr was the winner. Anne Leaman, one of the final five contestants, described the contest as "an amazing experience that [she] would definitely participate in again if [she] had the opportunity."

The Lampeter Fair Queen was an amazing competition that brings the community together to enjoy the evening.

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