Emotional night as Pioneers see the return of Lampeter Bowl trophy

Although Friday's football game was a blowout for L-S winning 49-14, it was an emotional night for both the Pioneers and Conestoga Valley. With an L-S player down for a life-impacting injury and a drastic fall by a CV cheerleader, both teams left the stadium feeling defeated.

The Pioneers won against the Buckskins by 35 points, but it did not feel like a victory. One of our star players, Neil Eckman, was down due to a hard tackle. As paramedics rushed to Neil's side, a CV cheerleader falls from a stunt gone wrong. Both Neil and the cheerleader face back and neck damage. It felt like only a miracle could help them.

The next morning, a facebook post circulated around reading "...Just got confirmation that both students from LS and CV are okay and will both have a full recovery..." A huge relief weight was lifted off of the students and staff of both schools.

As of now, both Neil and the cheerleader are out of the hospital and having a healthy recovery. The school's thoughts are prayers are with both the Eckman family and the cheerleaders family as they go through this life-changing experience.

--By Olivia Zaepfel, LS News reporter
Photos by Photos by Jonathan Klein, LS News Editor-in-Chief and Ethan Sauder, LS News Vice President

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