Boys Soccer defeats Eastern Lebanon in overtime

On September 7, the Lampeter-Strasburg High School Boys Soccer team traveled to Eastern Lebanon to challenge the Bobcats. The first half of the game was back and forth with nobody scoring. The two teams appeared equally matched.

Everyone's adrenaline was moving fast every time the Pioneers got really close to the goal. We had a lot of good shots on the goal, but we just couldn't get it past the goalie.

Then half-time came and everyone went to the concession stand to get snacks and drinks. 

The second half started with a similar situation as the first half both teams were trying their hardest. Neither team's goalie was not letting anything go by them. 

The buzzer sounded with a score of 0-0. That means overtime!

They set the clock for ten minutes and all the L-S players were playing as best as they could. I guess the other team was getting tired because finally, we scored! 

After all that waiting, L-S finally got a goal. The crowd got wild! There was screaming yelling and cheering! This reporter couldn't even hear myself cheering because it was so loud. We all clapped for the team as they ran back.

--By Ashley Echternach, LS News report

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