Restaurant Review: Eating at Max's is more than just everyday eating

Restaurant Review
This weekend on Sunday, my family celebrated my mom's birthday as well as Mother's Day. We decided to go on the casual route and eat at Max's Eatery in the city. 

Max's is a breakfast, lunch and dinner diner. We went there for dinner at 6:30. When we arrived we were greeted by very friendly employees and brought to our table. The menus were on the table so we got to ordering right away. 

We started with drinks. My mom and brother got milkshakes, and I got an iced tea. 

When it came time to order I went back and forth between a burger on waffles and waffle with sausage and gravy. I decided on the burger sandwiched between waffles and it was definitely a great choice. My mom got a patty melt, my brother got the same as me, and my dad got a form of chili. 

Overall, the food was great but the atmosphere was even better. The glowing max's sign made the whole restaurant feel very relaxed. The hustle and bustle of the employees, however, created a nice contrast. To end, our dinner was amazing and it was very special to have a fun meal with my family celebrating my mom.

--By Molly Wissler, LS News reporter

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