Don't miss out! Prom tickets NOW sale

Prom. It's the night many upperclassmen dream about.

This year the 2019 Lampeter-Strasburg Junior-Senior Prom is being held at the Eden Resort on Saturday, May 18 from 5 to 10 pm. Tickets cost $60 and are NOW on sale starting Tuesday, April 23 and run until Friday, May 3. Tickets can be purchased before homeroom from Mrs. Shehan in room 266 or during RTII / Flex from Mr. Zurn in room 226. Tickets will not be sold to students who are not in good standing or to guests who do not have an approved guest form. Students may not reserve a seat until a ticket is purchased.

In order to attend the 2019 Junior-Senior prom, you must:
  1. Be a member of the Junior or Senior class in good standing.
  2. Be a registered guest of a Junior or Senior student in good standing, who has completed the guest approval form.
  3. All guests must have achieved 9th grade status but not yet reached his/her 21st birthday.
  4. You must have attended school ON TIME the day before the prom.
The following requirements must be met to ensure a well-managed event:
  1. All students and guests in attendance at the PROM will be subject to all school rules.
  2. A picture I.D. must be shown at the door for all attending the PROM.
  3. Once a participant leaves the premises, he /she will not be allowed re-admittance.
  4. Students are asked to wear semi-formal dress for the Prom.
All ticket sales are final. Checks should be made payable to "Lampeter-Strasburg High School."

Students with questions should contact Mrs. Shehan or Mr. Zurn.

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