Girls Basketball: Most Wanted Game of the Season

Latitude: 39° 51' 50.58" N
Longitude: 76° 9' 35.712" W

Solanco girls varsity basketball team, one of the toughest teams to beat. Shooters. Strong. Aggressive. Determined. 

These are all words you can use to describe the girls' team. Coming from a loss, they are ready for the win. This game to them is one of the most important games of the season for them and they want that win. They've been waiting for the day that they could beat the Lady Pioneers. For 25 games straight they have lost to them. This win could be the beginning of something new and great for this team.
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Latitude: 39° 59' 44,628" N
Longitude: 76° 13' 55.452" W

Lampeter-Strasburg Girls Varsity Basketball team, number one in their division. Fit. Athletic. Fast. Aggressive. All around good players. 

Every L-S female basketball player can be described as these words. District Champs two years in a row and now ranked the top team in the district. They plan on winning Districts for the third year and stay number one for the district. A streak of 25 wins straight against this school they don't plan on breaking anytime soon. With so much to lose, this game will be a draw to the death.

The whole game was back and forth between L-S and Solanco. Shots were taken and many were missed. Both team decided that the best way to stay in the game and eventually win would be to stay in a zone defense. 

Luckily for L-S there were only a few far ranged shooters for Solanco, but all their own shooters weren't making too many of the shots they took. This game was a battle. 

Every fan, which there was a lot, was nervous and frantic while they waited to find out who won. That stress went onto both teams. Burger, Kreider, and Cabrera were the ones keeping Solanco in the game at first and it was critical to shut them down. 

Holmes, Gochnauer, and Zameroski are L-S's best players. Solanco had a tough time keeping them from making anything, but they did try and just so happened to do exactly that. L-S failed to keep the energy up and let down their guard during the fourth quarter. 

They kept fouling and Solanco kept making every foul shot. In the end, L-S ended up losing their winning streak and Solanco went home happy with a 40-31 win.

--By Jaylyn Pearson, LS News reporter

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