Suspect Everyone: Agatha Christie's 'The Mousetrap' opens on the L-S stage tomorrow

What is it?
The Mousetrap is a play about eight people who all get stuck at a guest house, Monkswell Manor, in the winter. One of the people there is a murderer and is picking off people who are related to a crime that took place several years ago. Everyone is scared for their life when they realize that the killer is among them and they are all trapped together.

Meet the Characters

The Guesthouse is run by Mollie and Giles Ralston. There are four expected guests, Christopher Wren, Mrs. Boyle, Major Metcalf, and Miss Casewell. There is also an unexpected guest Mr. Paravinci. Alongside the guest and owners of the establishment is Detective Sergent Trotter.

Character Description

Mollie Ralston
Mollie Ralston is a young woman running Monskwell Manor with her husband. Mollie is played by Katrina Herrera.

Giles Ralston
Giles is a playful young man running Monskwell Manor with his wife. Giles is played by Pierston Castor.

Christopher Wren
Christopher Wren is a young, over energetic man acts in unusual ways. He is always hiding something. Christopher Wren is played by Braeden Weaver.

Mrs. Boyle
Mrs. Boyle is an older lady who is unhappy with everything. She is never pleased and is always upset. Mrs. Boyle is played by Jillian Pontz.

Major Metcalf
Other than being soldier not much is know about Major Metcalf. He is an older man who will always lend a helping hand. Major Metcalf is played by Logan Emmert.

Miss Casewell
Miss Casewell is a masculine woman who is cold but quick-witted. Miss Casewell is played by Samantha Monroy.

Mr. Paravicini
Mr. Paravincini is a foreigner who acts in strange and slightly sinister ways. He was not expected at Monkswell Manor but showed up after he car over-turned. Paravincin is played by Joesph Long.

Detective Sergeant Trotter
Sergeant Trotter is a young man who wants answers but doesn't receive them. He doesn't sugar-coat things and he always gets straight to the point. Trotter is played by Mathew Monroy.

Radio Announcer
He tells the news. He helps set a scene. He is played by Donovan Thomann.

The understudy has a very important role. He performs the on-stage murder to hide the identity of the murderer. He is played by William Bray.

--Article by Monica Herr, LS News reporter
--Video by Bobby Bennethum, Jonathan Klein, and Ethan Sauder, LS News videographers

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