Opinion: The Horrors of Having Miniature Pigs as Pets

Being a miniature pig owner may sound like a whole lot of fun, but think again. Taking care of a pig is a lot of work and takes a lot of time.

I have a miniature pig. They are a lot of work and very time consuming plus I don't have a lot of time on my hands. Pigs typically are supposed to be outside animals or in a barn but miniature pigs are allowed to be considered house pets.

Miniature pigs are very intelligent so it does not take long to litter box train a pig but the bad thing about them using litter boxes is when it is not cleaned frequently it starts to smell really bad. Cleaning the litter box is one of the time problems and a very smelly problem that can attract flies if not cleaned.

Not only do pigs start to smell if you don't have time to clean the litter box, but pigs also get lonely and bored easily. Without giving the pigs attention 24/7 they might start chewing on some of your important household objects or even the doors of your house. The miniature pigs also will go into their litter boxes and move out all the shavings until someone gives them attention.

Miniature pigs have many problems but the worst one is probably the biting problem. Pigs typically are not the cuddling type and when you try to pet it or pick it up it might turn around and try to bite you.

This problem is fixable but it will take a lot of time and require you to be very patient. I recommend not getting miniature pigs for little kids because you're not going to get a cuddle buddy or an animal that will be able to do everything itself like a dog. Miniature pigs are adorable but let's be realistic, do you actually have enough time and effort to own one of these crazy creatures?

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--By Leah Denlinger, LS News reporter

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