Opinion: 7 Reasons Why The Middle Child Is The Worst To Be In The Family!

If you're in a family with an odd number of kids, there is most likely a middle child. In my family, I am that child. The one who is forgotten; the one who gets ignored; the one who never gets to buy new clothes. This is the life of the middle child.

1. Always seem like you’re forgotten or ignored.
When you’re the middle child, you kinda get “passed over.” It seems like not many people notice you which means you can sometimes get away with things. 😃 One time when I came back home from a party, there was nobody home! I had no idea where my family was and it was terrifying!

2. Don’t get to buy new clothes because you get everything from your siblings.
I know for me, I ALWAYS get hand-me-downs. When my older sister grows out of her clothes, they come straight to me. I never get to buy my own clothes! Even if something is too big for my younger sister, I end up getting it.

3. When you’re younger, you never get to be first in line.
Okay, this one sounds a little bit funny but I hated this as a kid! Say someone say, ”Line up oldest to youngest” or “Youngest to oldest.” You are never first! You’re always stuck in the middle.

4. You will never forget the day your younger sibling was born.
The day your younger sibling was born was the day your life changed. Even if you don’t remember it, it’s still there. The day you became “the middle child.” The day you were no longer the cutest and admired youngest. Now you were in the middle, and you could do nothing about it.

5. You can never win a fight.
Whether it’s a fight with your parents or one of your siblings, you cannot win. Somehow, you are always wrong. Parents are usually right but with siblings, you have no chance. They always win and you’re never right.

6. You’re always to blame.
This happens to me sometimes. Say, for example, a lamp breaks and your parents ask who did it. Nobody owns up but somehow you get punished. It makes no sense, right? Even if you say they did it doesn’t work.

7. Teachers compare you to your older sibling.
Have you ever had that teacher that says something about your older sister? I definitely have! Especially if it’s related to sports or academics. You are two separate people and they don’t seem to understand.

P.S. There is something actually called Middle Child Syndrome. You can read more about it here.

The opinions of the stated author does not constitute an official position of the Lampeter-Strasburg School District or of the LS News editorial board.

--By Kati Platt, LS News reporter

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