Girls tennis takes Section 2 title after undefeated season

After a undefeated season of Section 2 victories going 5-0, the Lampeter-Strasburg Girls Tennis team was rewarded with the Section 2 championship last Friday. Overall, the girls went 10-4 this season with an impression record of 42-10 in singles and 62-14 in doubles.

Lancaster-Lebanon league championships, which started Thursday, continue tomorrow at Conestoga Valley. Here's the current status of L-S players still in the tournament.

Flight One Singles
Sarah Capoferri won two rounds to advance to semifinals.

Flight One Doubles
Sarah Capoferri and Larson Kessler won first round.

Flight Two Doubles
Izzy Brown and Sierra Stoltzfus won first round.

Flight Three Doubles
Ryan Gerhardt and Kendall Winters won first round.

Flight Four Singles
Ryan Gerhardt won two rounds to advance to semifinals.

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