In My Own Words: Winning 3D design contest leads to unexpected surprise

In My Own Words

In this installment of In My Own Words, Olivia Harris discusses winning a 3D design contest to create her own in-game currency.  

Recently in Mr. Adam Zurn's Introduction to Information Technology, my class was given a design challenge to create our own in-game currency using the 3D design software application SketchUp

To be honest it was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. For starters we were not allowed to use traditional money shapes of circle or a rectangle so I was pretty stumped. So I just figured I should start with a mix between the two--a hexagon. 

I started off by putting down a hexagon, and I raised it up a little bit to give it some height. After that, I put a letter O in the middle of it because we were required to use some type of 3D lettering. 

I figured it looked kind of bland so I added some more hexagons to every corner of the base hexagon and I added a square to each mini hexagon. Furthermore, I pushed down each square on the hexagons to add a little pizzazz to it.

After I had the general shape finished, I added color and detail. For the base hexagon I gave it a black and white marble look. Along with the base hexagon, the mini hexagons were also that color, and the small squares had a darker gray concrete look to them almost. 

Finally for the letter O, I gave it a metallic-like look to it to make it stand out a little bit, but not too much. Then we ran out of time.

The day after we had all finished creating our currencies, our teacher had created a Google Form for the entire class to vote on their favorite.

The following day, I walked into class, put my stuff down at my desk, put my phone on the charger since we aren't allowed to have our phones in class, and went to go fill up my water bottle. 
3D print before the raft has been removed.
By the time I came back, Mr. Egresitz, Mr. Zurn's student teacher, had already started teaching. When I walked in he looked at me and went "Olivia, where were you?!" I told him I went to fill up my water bottle. He just looked mad. He said, "You're tardy! Where were you!?!"

I swear I've never been so scared. I didn't even know what to say so I just stared at him for a moment. After a few seconds he laughed and said "Nah I'm just kidding. You won the contest. Here's your 3D print. Congratulations!"

I was honestly frozen in place. I felt like a weight was just lifted off my shoulders. It felt good to know that I won...and that I wasn't tardy. 

--By Olivia Harris, LS News reporter

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