In My Own Words: Despite cold many L-S swimmers prepare to jump into the pool

In My Own Words: In this installment of In My Own Words, Emma Kury talks about swimming for the Lancaster Aquatic Club with other Lampeter-Strasburg students.  

On Monday April 9, the spring season of Lancaster Aquatic Club swimming begins. The winter season ended on March 26 for most of my other teammates. The rest in between the seasons is short. Only two weeks before we dive back into the pool.

The spring season of swimming has its perks. One of them is that the meets are more enjoyable and we get to travel more. The spring season continues into a "long course" season. This means the pool is Olympic sized compared to a regular short course pool. The long course meets are typically held outside so it is more fun compared to winter meets.

As for practices, the spring practice time is earlier than winter. For me it helps a lot with managing my time and getting home at a reasonable hour. Right when I get home from school I get cracking at my homework because swimming takes up all of my time.

It’s time to say goodbye to the winter swimming season and say hello to the spring swimming season.

There are many good things to come to the spring season like working on our technique, socializing with our friends, and getting back in shape after our short break. The spring season is a huge portion of my life just like all the other LAC swimming seasons.

--By Emma Kury, LS News reporter

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