Good Eats in Lancaster: Radical Rachel’s Creperie

Do you find yourself hungry, but do not feel like cooking? Well, you came to the right place to find the best restaurants around Lancaster. Our first destination is one of my personal favorites, which is Rachel’s Cafe & Creperie. Hopefully you have eaten recently because otherwise this will make you very hungry.

Rachel’s Cafe & Creperie is located in downtown Lancaster City. When you see a bright yellow house on the corner, you will know you are there!

There is a little bit of everything, so you will not have trouble finding something that fits your diet and fits to what you like. If you happen to be gluten free, there are event items on the menu for you. There are also veggie crepes and salads so you will not be left out either if you are vegetarian!

My favorite crepe is the egg and cheese with sausage or the cheeseburger. They are amazing! Along with their meal crepes, their desert crepes delicious. Especially the Fresh Fruit crepe and the Tavern on the Green crepe. Even their beverages are fantastic. They have smoothies along with lots of different coffee or mochas. I would 10/10 recommend the Parisian Sunset smoothie. But I have also heard that the Nutella mocha is very tasty!

Aside from the amazing menu, there are some other positives. First, they have recently transformed into an environmental friendly restaurant. They have stopped using straws but still satisfy the costumers by asking if they would still want a straw.

Also, it is very artsy and fun downtown… a place for lots of good pictures!:)

Some extra advice is to not go on Sunday’s after church unless you are willing to wait for a while. Another piece of advice if you see it is crowded is to go in and make a reservation, then you can walk around and see the beautiful city a bit while you wait.

For the full menu, you can find them at Or you can find them on Facebook. Hope you enjoy your visit!

--By Elizabeth Deardorff, LS News reporter

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