Food Critic Nick: Shrimp Poppers are a Showstopper

Welcome to a new series entitled, Food Critic Nick. In the coming weeks, Nick will be rating the various school lunches served in Lampeter-Strasburg High School cafeteria.

Shrimp Poppers
My first review will be on the shrimp poppers, one of the premium meals available. Although it is debated whether or not the poppers are made of real shrimp, they still manage to have that distinguishable shrimp flavor, which I am a big fan of. Nothing beats a good serving of shrimp — or unspecified meat that tastes similar to shrimp.

Around the beginning of the school year, the shrimp poppers were served plain. They were a bit underwhelming, and I felt the need to dip them in ketchup, which was a bit unsatisfying.

Recently, they have been serving cocktail sauce on the side. This is a fantastic addition to the flavor, as that little kick in the cocktail sauce complements the breaded shrimp perfectly. 

It could be a bit stronger though, as I am a fan of spicy food. I think the cafeteria should start serving cocktail sauce mixed with wasabi as an alternative to regular cocktail sauce. For me, the more pungent the dip, the more flavor the shrimp brings.

Overall, the premium shrimp poppers are something I always anticipate when they show up the menu. However, the cocktail sauce is in need of improvement.

Food Critic Nick Shrimp Poppers Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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--By Nick Smucker, LS News food critic

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