Opinion: Struggles of a Lefty

Out of the population, 10 percent use their left hand as there dominant hand. Why is this? Well it all comes to nature vs. nurture.

In activities such as baseball being a left handed thrower is a great advantage since most of the other players are right handed. In nature being left handed gives that person an edge. Then due to natural selection more lefties would come right?

Now nurture comes in play, in a world that is predominantly right handed lefties are forced to adjust and use their right hand. Many things are built for the right hand being used, notebooks, desks, computer mouses, number pad, can openers.

The death of me
In the end, since we have a right handed society many young children naturally use their right hand to assimilate. The reason why everyone is not right handed because the children subconsciously use their left hand more and no one stops them. If were like animals and we just needed to survive the ratio would be much more even.

Also, lefty handed people are considered more creative because they use the right side of their brain more. That helps them in arts such as writing, painting, and new innovative ideas.

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--By Ava Martin, LS News reporter

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