L-S students contribute to creation of iOS sticker app

Lampeter-Strasburg freshmen can now boast of something most high schoolers can't. Contributing to the creation of an iOS app.

The "stickers" in the Student Sticker app

As part of a class assignment students in Mr. Adam Zurn's Introduction to Information Technology class created original hand drawn images for a sticker app. After the images were drawn, they were digitized, dropped into Xcode, and submitted to Apple's App Store for distribution.

The app is called Student Stickers and has a wide selection of choices to attach to your messages. The stickers range from inspirational quotes to brighten a friends day to drawings of a thumbs up and cute dinosaurs.

What are Stickers?
In 2016 with the release of iOS 10, Apple introduced stickers for use with their Message app. Stickers are images that can be sent as a standalone message. They also have the ability to "peel" and attach the image to an already existing message bubble or image.

To attach a sticker, press and hold on the image then apply it to your message conversation. You can even rotate or enlarge the sticker by using pinch or swipe gestures.

The best thing about the app is that it costs nothing! It is absolutely free! Updates are already under way as additional images are being generated.

Here are a few of the stickers. "Everything is okay" by Bai Lee Herr.

Inspirational quote, "The best view comes after the hardest climb" by Nasya Warfel.

"Old Lady Hair" by Cameron Coleman.
Go download the incredibly cool sticker pack app, Student Stickers, created by the students of L-S High School!

--By Bai Lee Herr, LS News reporter

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