Enigma Weekend Edition: 'In The End'

In The End
By H.W.

In the end, the
God-sent ice saved me.
The wreckage from the fire
Is still there, but
That is another poem for
Another time.
At first, I was scared of the
Ice. I didn’t want to be
Burned again, nor did I want
To accept something that did not
Come from Him.
Fearful that the ice would melt,
I frantically accepted its offer;
The offer promised me peace and a
New beginning.
Eventually, I came to realize
That I had no reason to fear
The ice. I just had to make
Sure that I wasn’t thanking
The ice for saving me.
I had to learn by enduring a
Crucible – that my worth does
Not lie in the fire nor the ice,

But in the Cross alone. 

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