Bracelet wins Silver Medal in Scholastic competition

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In this installment of In My Own Words, Josie Lau talks about winning a Silver Medal in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards competition. 

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards exhibition is the nation's longest running and most prestigious program for art students in grades seven through twelve. More than 330,000 works of visual art and writing are submitted to the Scholastic competition awards. Less than 1/3 of those submitted will be excepted into the scholastic exhibition and of those, less than half will receive an award.

I recently received a silver key award for a piece of jewelry that I created in an art class here at Lampeter-Strasburg.

I took the Jewelry and Metals class for the first time this year at L-S and I loved it!

I wasn't expecting myself to be very good at this kind of art work. I just wanted to try it out. I really ended up enjoying making jewelry out of metal in this class. When my teacher wanted to enter my latest piece into the Scholastic competition I was super excited.

However, I did not think it would get in at all. I loved it and I thought it looked good, but I wasn't expecting anyone else to think that too.

Later, after I submitted it, we heard that it earned a Silver medal in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. I was so excited! I am so proud of this piece and I am so excited to go see it in the show. The piece is a cuff bracelet with brass, copper, and nickel silver metal.

In My Own Words is a first person written series that highlights Lampeter-Strasburg High School students activities.

--By Josie Lau, LS News reporter

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