Opinion Six Reasons To Join Track

It might be January and snowing but spring is only 44 days away and that means track and field season is almost here. You may be on the fence debating if you want to join or not, I'm going to give you some reasons on why you should join.

Track is a sport that has a place for everyone, with its many events that vary from throwing to long distance running there is bound to be a event for you. If you don't enjoy the event that you are in you could always switch out and go to another one that could be better for you.

Do other sports like cross country? Joining track can help prepare you for these other sports later down the line. Also getting in shape is never a bad idea, if you want to get fit or just want to stay where you are this sport can really help with that, you might even find a special talent that you have. It doesn't also stop with how you physically feel, it can mentally help you with more confidence and feeling better about yourself.

But the best thing about track isn't the events or the sport itself, itls the people you meet. This sport introduces you to so many new people who could eventually become friends. They support you and will follow you to the end of the season. Track is a place where friends are made, confidence is built, and you physical shape is perfected, truly a wonderful place.

The opinions of the stated author does not constitute an official position of the Lampeter-Strasburg School District or of the LS News editorial board.

--By Ryan Vidal, LS News columnist

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