Enigma Weekend Edition: "Breath of Life"

Breath of Life
By Maximo Franco

Sucked in,
Pushed out.
These are the breaths,
The breaths of life.

Stolen and abused,
Saddened and misused.
These are the souls,
Who breathe of life.

Joyful and open minded,
Amazing and talented,
Unique and loving.
Intelligent from learning,
How to breathe of life.

Alone are some,
Seeking others.
While some can’t get away,
From the group they stay.

If this is life,
How is it so?
That I now stand,
Together nor alone,
Yet without a body,
Or a breath.
So now suck in,
And my last out,
My final breath of life.

Enigma is the art and literary magazine. Staff membership is open to any interested high school student. Each year’s staff is formed at the beginning of that school year. The Enigma staff is responsible for all aspects of production, from writing and artwork selection to layout and publication tasks. Members are also required to attend Coffeehouse readings. Items intended for publication may be submitted to the faculty adviser, Mrs. Carol Allen-Gordon

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