These heroes don't need capes. Meet the 2017-2018 L-S Heroes

Recently, the 2016-2017 Lampeter-Strasburg Heroes were announced. Heroes represent an elite group of seniors, nominated by faculty, that travels to third grade classrooms in the district in order to serve as mentors. They teach lessons on making positive decisions that lead to future successes in life.
Students selection in the program is based leadership skills, academic success, school and/or community involvement as well as freedom from drug and alcohol use. Students were further screened for attendance and discipline.

As a L-S Hero, students gain public recognition, public speaking skills, reinforcement for maintaining a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle, as well as the respect and admiration of younger students.

All heroes receive printed "trading cards" picturing the student hero, along with a short biographic feature that can be distributed to elementary students as Heroes share their positive messages.

Students selected to participate include:
  • Ethan Bare
  • Emma Bender
  • Emily Bishop
  • Nick Blair
  • Sean Burke
  • Elizabeth Crumpler
  • Nolan Davidson
  • Timothy DeWalt
  • LeAnn Dienner
  • Jocelyn Dixon
  • Zak Dombrowski
  • Josh Eidemiller
  • Ryan Floyd
  • Hanna Garber
  • Olivia Gard
  • Sarah Gawne
  • Dylan Grau
  • Steven Greenwood
  • Amanda Hay
  • Olivia Honert
  • Laura Horner
  • Kyle Knapp
  • Laura Komara
  • Michael Kuhns
  • Jenna Lapp
  • Shayla Lapp
  • Melissa Long
  • Rachel Marcroft
  • Emily McComsey
  • David Medlock
  • Ashley Mellinger
  • Helena Morgan
  • Carissa Myers
  • Danielle Newswanger
  • Cam Niemeyer
  • Rebecca Patches
  • Brandon Prouse
  • Noah Pritchard
  • Todd Shelley
  • Drew Smith
  • Ryan Smith
  • Sydnie Smith
  • Sarah Stahovich
  • Nate Tobler
  • Luke Tordoff
  • Cheyanne Waller
  • Claire Warner
  • Al Williams
Mrs. Susan Rettew oversees the Heroes program.

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