Pioneer field hockey falls to New Oxford in district play

On November 1, 2017 the Lampeter-Strasburg field hockey team, traveled out to Mechanicsburg to compete against the New Oxford Colonials.

The game was at 5 and was and a hour away, so we got out of school at 2:15 pm and left the school at 2:45 pm. We arrived at the field at 3:50 pm. When we got there we found out we were wearing the wrong color jerseys, which no one had. We quickly had to change into what we could before we got to practicing.

As soon as we figure things out we got on the field and began to warm up. There was ten minutes left until the game started. Coach Mrs. Katrina Swarr gave us the line-up and then went for the coaches and captains meeting. After the meeting they announced the starting line-ups and did the National Anthem. We were then ready to start the game.

As the game began we had five corners in the first few minutes, but were unable to score. At the end of the first half we were dominating the game, but the game still remain scoreless. As we started to approach the end of the game at 15 minutes there was a stroke for New Oxford.

The ball was up and hit the back of the cage. They scored. It was now 1-0 New Oxford with 15 minutes left and unfortunately we were unable to score and we had lost 1-0. This definitely was not a fun way to end the season, but we had a good season with an overall record of 14-8-0 and are ready to go farther next year.

-- By Daisy Frank, LS News reporter

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