Opinion: Why you should wrestle

Wrestling is a great sport in which get in amazing shape. In fact, it is one of the oldest sport dating back to before the first Olympic games in Greece in 776 BC.

Owen Hess grapples with an opponent from Conestoga Valley while Dr. Habowski and Mr. Albanese look on from the scorers' table
Connor Feister fights his opponent in an early-season bout
There are now three styles of wrestling. There is folk style, roman-greco, and freestyle. The different styles come with different rules of course. With three different styles, wrestlers can the style that works best for them.

But still why wrestle? 

Wrestling provides the opportunity to display pure dominance over an opponent. As long as you weigh between 106 and 280 pounds, you can wrestle. Even physical disabilities like not having legs or fingers doesn't prevent a person from wrestling. To be good, wrestling takes a lot of dedication but the pay off is worth it. Wrestling causes a person to get in great shape and to work hard for a goal. 

Keith Littler grapples with his opponent.
Many wrestlers are also good at other sports due to their ability to keep great position and their responsible aggression.

Wrestling has a high pay off for those who are dedicated. At all levels, there are tournament where you can test your skill against others, help your team win, and to individually win your bracket. 

Being good at wrestling can get you recruited by colleges and wrestling clubs. There are many clubs in most areas so even if the school doesn't offer wrestling it is still possible to join.

If given the opportunity, I believe that all should try out wrestling. Anyone can be successful from the tiniest bean pole to the stockiest youth. It is a great sport for anyone to do.

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--By Zac Shelley, LS News columnist

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