National Honor Society inducts record number of new members

On the night of November 14, Lampeter-Strasburg High School students, families, and friends merged together to celebrate the annual National Honor’s Society induction ceremony. This ongoing tradition recognizes the new inductees of the acclaimed organization, constituted of 60 students this year--45 juniors and 15 seniors. Alongside them, there were 29 seniors retaining membership from the year previous. Interestingly, this was a record amount of new members.
2017 National Honor Society Inductees
The ceremony was a tribute to the defining characteristics of National Honor’s Society: knowledge, leadership, character, service, and scholarship. With the organization’s members seated across the stage of the auditorium, they and the audience listened to the inspiring messages of current NHS officers and faculty such as the high school principal, Dr. Feeney, a high school science teacher, Mr. Sterner, and the NHS advisor and high school English teacher, Mr. Marsh. The rousing speeches encouraged students to maximize their potential, work hard, and always exemplify the qualities of NHS.

Currently National Honor Society members.
Following these heartening words, five candles representative of the five characteristics were (difficultly) lit--save for a pesky yellow one that refused to budge--and members recited the National Honor’s Society pledge. This led into the pinning ceremony, in which new inductees were officially granted membership. Each student selected someone close to them that they felt demonstrated the NHS characteristics and wrote a short paragraph explaining why. While this loved one pinned the inductee with the National Honor’s Society pin, a current NHS member read the endearing paragraphs aloud. The lively ceremony consisted of hesitantly pronounced last names, laughter, and pride, slowly showing all 60 students experience official induction. Upon signing a scroll and receiving a certificate verifying their membership, the new members returned to the stage and the induction met its conclusion.

When the induction ceremony met its end, all attendees and members joined together in commemoration over cookies and punch. At its core, it was a celebratory night of family, friendship, and achievement for this notable organization.

New Members, Class of 2018
  • Isaac Beers
  • Ryan Fahnestock
  • Shannon Ferrari
  • Olivia Gard
  • Olivia Honert
  • Cameron Keeler
  • Allison Leonard
  • Joseph Martina
  • Ashley Mellinger
  • Rachel Mencer
  • Aaron Musser
  • Erica Rohrer
  • Drew Smith
  • Jordan Sweger
  • Samantha Williams

New Members, Class of 2019
  • Hannah Anderson
  • Brynne Baker
  • Connor Blantz
  • Elizabeth Brenneman
  • Morgan Bucher
  • Ian Buscay
  • Amelia Cope
  • Madison Cullen
  • Marissa Denlinger
  • Isabella DiCamillo
  • Logan Emmert
  • Jacob Garcia
  • Lauren Gard
  • Alexis Glass
  • Sophia Grillo
  • Kathryn Herr
  • Kristen Herr
  • Katrina Herrera
  • Earl Patrick Holmes
  • Hadassah Hoover
  • Haley Hoover
  • Maya Horst
  • Payton King
  • Joshua Kirchner
  • Kymberly Kouterick
  • Esther Landis
  • Alyssa Long
  • Caitlin Lownsbery
  • Kristen Mast
  • Delaney McCormick
  • James McMichael
  • Jansen Miller
  • Katlyn Miller
  • Skye Reinacher
  • Kathryn Sigafoos
  • Katelyn Smith
  • Alyssa Stilwell
  • Michael Tribuzio
  • Alexa Troiano
  • Kaknika Viset
  • Braeden Weaver
  • Leah Welk
  • Ansley Yost
  • Brittney Zameroski

Current Members, Class of 2018
  • Hannah Adams
  • Emma Bender
  • Emily Bishop
  • Megan Breneman
  • Emma Cohen
  • Rebecca Cohen
  • Elizabeth Crumpler
  • Monique DuBose
  • Caleb Ferrari
  • Hanna Garber
  • Sarah Gawne
  • Dylan Grau
  • Steven Greenwood
  • Laura Horner
  • Laura Komara
  • Shayla Lapp
  • Melissa Long
  • Rachel Marcroft
  • David Medlock
  • Sara Mills
  • Noah Pritchard
  • Matthew Rhoades
  • Kyra Shoenberger
  • Sydnie Smith
  • Sarah Stahovich
  • Luke Tordoff
  • Lauren Torres
  • Cheyanne Waller
  • Alexander Williams

--By Katrina Herrera, LS News reporter

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