JV Boys Soccer Postscript: One season 24 boys going 3-6-9

The Lampeter-Strasburg Junior Varsity Boys Soccer team this season won a mere three games, tied six games, and lost nine games.

As a JV soccer team, we had a tough season, and also we are losing eleven seniors, the majority of the varsity starting lineup. 

Next year, will be a tough year because we will have lost some of our best players, but we will still fight to try and make it to states. 

This year, the varsity team made PIAA District 3 finals, after beating Twin Valley 3-1, and falling to Greencastle-Antrum 2-0. 

The JV boys did not make sections this year or leagues because of our overall losing record. We struggled this year because we could not finish the ball, and put it in the back of the net. We also had trouble with spacing and finding the simple pass. 

Varsity had a much better record and they were placed sixth overall in the PIAA District 3 bracket. 

The JV coach Angelo Disomma worked really hard to try and get the team in shape and ready for game play. Coach Geno said at the last game, "Don't put your head down boys, we made it this far."

--By Rowen Krantz, LS News reporter 

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