Got Milk? Pioneers bring home the Milk Jug after blanking Solanco 46-0

It's not uncommon to bring home a jug of milk on a Friday night. That's exactly what the Lampeter-Strasburg Football team did when they shutout Solanco 46-0 to bring home the Milk Jug for the first time in three years. 

At last night's away game, Cam Niemeyer scored--count them--four touchdowns. The Pioneer defense was also under orders to bring home some milk as the team forced three turnovers removing much of the shine from the usual Golden Mules' offense.

It's homecoming next week when the Pioneers play Elizabethtown at 7 pm at J.K. Mechanical Stadium. Be sure to come out to support the team.

--Photos by Brayden Emmerling, LS News photographer

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