Autumn String Concert tonight in PAC

Tonight is the Performing Arts Center is the Autumn String Concert. The concert features both the string orchestra and full orchestra and conducted by Mr. Robert Shaubach. The concert starts at 7:30 pm
Photo from last year's performance.
The string orchestra performs first. It consists of these four string instruments: violin, viola, cello, and bass. Their  performance will include two pieces Tempus Fugitive and Menuetto from Symphony No. Tempus Fugitive is the first. It is very fast-paced and exciting. Frequent dynamic changes and back and forth patterns between different parts will keep the audience engaged and awake.

The second song, Menuetto, has a more 17th century sound, with dramatic classical rhythms and tune. It is not quite as fast-paced as Tempus, but is very exciting and theatrical, despite its older

The full orchestra at Lampeter-Strasburg includes not only those in the string orchestra, but woodwinds, percussion, and brass as well. The addition of these instruments allows for a richer, fuller sound and keeps the piece alive and interesting.

Menuetto by Franz Schubert

Full orchestra will perform Lake Dance, a modern piece with catchy melodies and a delightful change in style from one page to another. From beginning to end, the audience is guaranteed to love it.

As a member of both the string and full orchestra, I enjoy concerts, as we get to perform the result of months of hard work, dedication, and practice. It will be my first concert here at L-S high school, so of course I'm a bit nervous, but overall am prepared and anxious to show what I've learned.

--By Wren Miller, LS News reporter

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