L-S students ready for West Lampeter Community Fair

This year marks the 93rd annual West Lampeter Community Fair. The fair begins today and runs until the Friday. Community members are encouraged to attend and participate in the activities of the West Lampeter Fair, an annual event that includes all types of exhibits, animal showing, Lampeter-Strasburg School District's Fair Queen competition, food, and renowned milkshakes.

It takes place on the Lampeter Community grounds, behind the Fire Hall, and is quite looked forward to by locals and visitors alike.

One event of the fair that many choose to take part in is the multitude of exhibits on show. People of any age are encouraged to participate these contests, which include baking, canning, cooking, art, sewing, and a showcase of vegetables, fruits, plants, and animals. Lots of the exhibits and creations are submitted by students at L-S, many of which are involved in multiple aspects of the fair. The FFA at our school takes part in the animal showcasing, and a group of Interact students will also volunteer at food stands. The marching band will perform, and the fair queens' parade and competition takes place this afternoon.

If you ask about the food at the Lampeter Fair, anyone would tell you it is not to be missed. The French fries, hot dogs, pizza, funnel cakes, and fried Oreos are just a few of the delicious finds you won't want to miss out on when viewing the exhibits, animal showings, or promotional stands underneath the numerous white tents found throughout the fairgrounds.

A few other events you can enjoy at the fair are the antique tractor pull and greased pig race, where children are enclosed in a showing arena with a piglet. Their hands and arms are covered with grease, and the kid who can catch the pig earns some cash, along with the animal itself.

The West Lampeter Fair is a great way to get a taste of the local culture in Lampeter, Pennsylvania. Whether you come to view exhibits, animal showings, grab a snack, or just to take a walk around, you are sure to enjoy the sights and activities taking place from Wednesday to Friday.

--By Wren Miller, LS News reporter

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