Cast for 'Robin Hood' announced

This morning Mrs. Susan Rettew, director of the 2017 fall production of The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hoodannounced the cast list. With nearly 50 students trying out for a 20 person production there is bound to be some disappointment.
"It is extremely difficult to cast any show because of the talent we have at L-S," Rettew says.

Rettew noted that the characters must have a certain reactive quality to be a successful performer in the show, and she is confident the cast she assembled is up to the task.

Cast List for The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood

In order of appearance
Town’s Guy.....Steven Greenwood
Robin Hood.....Brendan Massar
Friar Tuck ..... Pierson Castor
Will Scarlet.....Ethan Bare
Little John.....Sean Burke
Allan Adale .....Logan Emmert
Rich Man.....Joey Long
Poor Lady.....Alina Rutherford
Sheriff of Nottingham.....Matthew Monroy
Lady Marian.....Lauren Torres
Lady in Waiting.....Cheyanne Waller
Byron.....Luca Ferretti
Lord Laughalot .....Al Williams
Mary.....Jordan Marcroft
Lenore .....Julie Stinson
Donald .....Preston Brazzle
Debbie.....Samy Monroy
Prince John .....Braeden Weaver
Fawning Ladies.....Kiley Turner, Caroline McEligot, Jillian Pontz, Kenzie Krebs, and Emily Sidelinger
Guards.....Nick Blair and Nolan Davidson
Merry Men/Guards.....Rowen Krantz and Wesley Leaman

You can see The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood on the L-S stage on November 9, 10, and 11 at 7 pm. There is also a matinee on Saturday, November 11 at 2 pm.

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