AP Physics class reveals the secret to Rube Goldberg Machines

For the past 12 days, Mrs. Pamela Kochel's AP Physics class have been hard at work building and engineering machines that...do nothing.
Here's Colson Stotzfus, Cody Fisher, and Ioanni Kovack's machine.
Each student team was charged with creating a Rube Goldberg machines with at least 20 different parts. The more operations the "machine" performed the more points the students earned. According to Mrs. Kochel, "They really developed some teamwork strategies as well as how to deal with frustrations when it didn’t work." 

In this video, you see Joe Dreer, Nick Maier, and Julia Breneman's  Rube Goldberg Machines.

This Rube Goldberg Machine was built by John Manion, Tyler Thorius, & Helena Morgan. It sort of worked.

Mrs. Kochel said that in addition to teamwork and setting up all those dominoes again and again, "they had fun and learned how to make Physics work for them!"

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