Opinion: L-S track athlete responds to controversial LNP article

Recently, LNP Sports reporter Mike Gross wrote an article on track. His approach to the article brought up a firestorm of controversy. In the article, he compared the intensity of track to the intensity of Frisbee golf.

I have my own opinion on the matter. I highly disagree with his comments. One of the things I personally disagree with the most is him comparing track to frisbee golf. Track is a highly intense nerve wracking sport. For me, the pressure never gets old. The last minute butterflies are always there every time I back into a set of blocks or step onto the runway. Each point scored could make or break a tight meet. The pressure to preform is always there. While Mike wasn't wrong about there being relaxed fun moments, in competition it is electric and intense.

Another difference I see is the atmosphere. While I have never been to a frisbee golf competition, I imagine the atmosphere is somewhat like golf, relaxed and with a few high pressure moments. Compare that to the one of track, filled with intensity in almost every event and plenty of yelling; encouragement to a teammate competing.
I decided to see what other track athletes in my school thought on the matter. Grace Hess said, "You can't compare someone throwing a plastic thing to a heavy shot or running a 400."

I personally agree with her point. Track is diverse and the events vary. the closest event is discus, to which Hess says, "One requires strength technique and spinning. With Frisbee, you have to flick a wrist and hope you make it to a flag."

The opinions of the stated author does not constitute an official position of the Lampeter-Strasburg School District or of the LS News editorial board.

--By Josh Horst, LS News columnist

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