Lampeter-Strasburg Community Closet helps those in need with community aid bins

Many people think of poverty as something that affects those in far off places. However, about 24% of people in our school district are at or below poverty level. For more information read our feature on poverty here at L-S.
Lampeter-Strasburg Community Closet, a non profit organization, was founded in 2015 to help those in our school in need.

LSCC has accepted so many clothing donations from members of our community that they simply do not have enough room for any more clothes.

There are Community Aid bins on school campus located in between the middle school and the high school. Although many are unaware of the bins, the bins are emptied by Community Aid periodically. In return for the clothing and other items, LSCC receives gift cards to shop at their thrift store. The gift cards are then given to families who approach Lampeter Strasburg Community Closet in need of help.

The bins have been there for two years now and have brought in so much money for the organization and helped to provide clothing for the members of our school community who are in need.

High school freshman Logan Burig says, “I, for one, did not know about the existence of these bins. Now that I know, I will be sure to bring all of my donations here.”

If you or someone you know are in need of clothing for an event or just in general, be sure to talk to Lampeter-Strasburg Community Closet. They’ll be happy to give you Community Aid gift cards.

--By Emma Medlock, LS News reporter

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