High School musical theater puts on performance for Hans Herr

This afternoon Mr. Erik Welchan's musical theater class as part of their final exam put a performance for the Hans Herr Elementary School.
Students in the course include: Josiah Bender, Delayne Breslin, Bella Christaldi, Allyson Deihl, Arylissa Diaz, Alexis Garrett, Isabella Hayes, Grant Kuhn, Joseph Long, Karli Longenecker, Hannah Martz, Caroline McEligot, Angela Savoca, Paige Saurbaugh, Hannah Alderson, Sarah Baxter, Rebecca Patches, Taylor Griffin, Bonnie Herr, Cayley McEligot, and Madison Shreckengast.

Here's a 60 second clip from the performance.

Arylissa Diaz says, "Although it is tons of fun, we learn a lot. We study the history of theater and the different stages it went through to get where it is now. It is very important to study the history of theater because it is how modern theater came to be."

Diaz also said, "We also learn how to be proficient actors and really analyze the characters we play. Another thing we learn is stage directions and the parts of the stage."

In addition, we study all of the important components of a musical. This is very important because for our final we will be creating and performing our own musicals for Hans Herr!
Diaz highly recommend taking this class if you have an interest in theater. "We do activities like acting games to help us learn and it's a blast! I think it is an amazing class to gain knowledge and have a lot of fun."

--By Arylissa Diaz, LS News reporter

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