Football team preparing for next year with Pre-Season Workouts

Football's first game isn't until August but the team has been busy with pre-season workouts since March. It’s open to all players who wish to work and prepare for next year.
Head Coach, Mr. John Manion wishes to prepare the players for next year through different programs. He says, "We want to be in peak shape when the season starts. When we get to two-a-days, kids are ready to fine tune their techniques."

This program is put together by several of the team coaches: Coach Heyser, Coach Knapp, Coach Ridenour, and Coach John Manion. The program is a mix of speed/agility workouts, which were put in place by Coach Knapp, and weight-room workouts put in place by Coach Ridenour, Heyser, and Knapp.

The current program will continue until the end of the school year with a different workout and training program starting once summer begins.

--Aaron Rockensock, LS News reporter

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